Venatur gel


Traditional plant-based products that help maintain good circulation: varicose veins, haemorrhoids, tired (+)



Made from ingredients that help to protect cells from damage due to (+)

Cabellos y Uñas FORTE


Cabellos y Uñas Forte El Naturalista es un nutricosmético con una fórmula (+)


The Laboratory

Health. This is the favourite word of all the professionals who make up Laboratorios ACPG S.A. And at our headquarters in Oricáin (Navarra), we try to infect others with our passion for natural medicine through our main allies: pharmacies and parapharmacies throughout Spain.

The El Naturalista laboratories originated with one person: Antonio Calvo Calvo. This doctor in natural therapy, dietetics and nutrition and iridology began the mission more than 50 years ago, giving rise to the products that, today, are sold in pharmacies and parapharmacies throughout the country under the "El Naturalista" brand.


We have modern facilities designed to minimize the risk of errors and any negative effect on the quality of our products, which pass exhaustive quality-control procedures and meet all current legal requirements.

Our facilities have different manufacturing rooms designed in accordance with NCF/GMP and equipped with the following:

• Treated atmospheres.
• Humidity and temperature control.
• Stainless-steel machinery.


• Help all people to relieve the symptoms of disease through phytotherapy, with products ranging from traditional plant-based remedies to phytodrugs.

• Provide the pharmaceuticals market with natural products, essentially made from medicinal plants.

• Manufacture our products following the guidelines of the Spanish Drug Agency. This mean applying the principles and guidelines of good manufacturing practices (GMP) in all areas of the laboratory: personnel, facilities, equipment, documentation, production, and quality control.

This means that we use the following to manufacture our products:

- Manufacturing guidelines.
- Standard formulae.
- General and specific procedures for each process.
- Validations and calibrations.


Health is the most important thing. That is why we take so much care with our manufacturing process.

Our commitment to quality is based on ensuring that all product batches and the packaging material are manufactured in accordance with the specifications of identity, purity, activity and other characteristics required by law.

For this reason, we work with the following elements:
• Control and selection of raw materials.
• Pharmaceutical-quality active ingredients.
• Essential-oil content in accordance with the pharmacopoeia (European guidelines, European Commission).
• Additional intermediate end-product controls.

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