Traditional plant-based products that help maintain good circulation: varicose veins, haemorrhoids, tired (+)



Products based on plants traditionally used to relieve symptoms related to respiratory (+)



Oftalnatur are towelettes for eye hygiene that are especially designed for the (+)


El Naturalista and phytotherapy

We have been relying on phytotherapy for more than 50 years, but its use goes back to the distant past.

Phytotherapy is the treatment of diseases using plants or plant substances.

It is not a belief but a proven science.

Modern science has confirmed the presence in plants of chemical compounds with pharmacological actions, called bioactive ingredients. These compounds often constitute the primary ingredients used by pharmaceutical laboratories as the starting point for developing commercial formulae that are then patented for use in allopathic medicine.


But plant resources with medicinal properties can also be used to prepare standardized extracts from plants or their organs or parts, which are called phytodrugs.

Phytodrugs play an important role in modern therapy and can be used for preventive purposes or to treat a wide range of diseases, based on what is known as evidence-based medicine.

Phytodrugs include standardized extracts produced from the whole plant or from its parts or organs. Plant-based drugs include material from land plants and also from seaweeds.

This is not a fashionable trend, but the evolution of a science that has been building knowledge from different cultures for many, many years. And now, combining this ancestral wisdom with the latest advances in technology, we are able to offer products of the highest quality, fully approved and with proven efficacy.

So, if you like to take care of yourself and you like natural things, you're in the best hands. Yours.

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