Multivitamínico PLUS


PROPIEDADES: Fórmula completa de 13 vitaminas y 11 minerales, para compensar la (+)



El Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta (Rosa rubiginosa/Rosa canina fruit oil) se extrae mediante refinación del (+)

Colágeno FORTE


Ovomet® es la membrana de la cáscara de huevo y se considera (+)


El Naturalista and its commitment to the pharmacies

We have a commitment to the pharmacies. And to their personnel. We know that they deserve all our support and consideration toward them, which, fortunately for us, is reciprocal, and that our natural products can be increasingly found in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

When in doubt, the most natural thing is to consult your pharmacist, for these reasons:

They take care of you.

Pharmacists provide care services, see their practice as integrated with health care services, and do their best to ensure that their services are of the highest quality.

They make the best decisions for you.

And that's quite a responsibility. They play a fundamental role in the appropriate, effective, safe and cost-effective use of resources. And this requires the ability to evaluate, summarize data and decide on the most appropriate line of action.

They understand you.

They are in an ideal position to provide a bridge between the doctor and the patient and to communicate information on health and drugs to the public. This is why they need to be sure and well informed.

They are good managers.

They have to efficaciously manage resources (human, physical and financial) and information.

They never stop learning.

Because the industry never ceases to innovate, so their open and constantly learning mentality is essential in order to know at all times what is best for patients.

They teach.

Pharmacists have the responsibility of helping with the training of future generations of pharmacists and of the public. They not only share their knowledge but they provide an opportunity for health care professionals to improve their current skills.

They lead.

Their leadership comes to the fore when most needed and in areas where other care providers may be scarce. This involves concern and empathy, as well as the vision and ability to make decisions, communicate them and manage them effectively.

They do research.

As researchers, pharmacists can increase accessibility to fair medicine and to information on drugs for both the public and for other health care professionals.

They are always near.

And here's the proof. Much closer than you imagine, there's a pharmacy where you can find our natural products. And with them, a team of people ready to give you the best for your health. We recommend that you go and talk to them so that they can recommend ways to deal with your health problems. You can be sure they'll make you feel better.


Enter your details here and we'll send you a list of the pharmacies closest to you. Good health!

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